Don’t REFUSE to help

‘Throw away your rubbish – not your money’ is the message from Merton Council who are warning residents that putting their refuse and recycling out for collection on the wrong day, time or place is classed as littering and could result in a £50 fine.

The council is currently delivering leaflets to all households in the borough to remind residents that refuse/recycling collections should be placed inside the boundary at the front of their property by 6am on the day of their collection. Residents whose properties open directly onto the street are advised to call 020 8274 4902 to find out where they should leave their recycling/refuse.

The council is urging residents to join them in reducing fly tipping and litter by putting out their bags on the right day and in the right place. If people continue to leave their waste collections on the footpath other than on the day of collection, enforcement officers will issue warning letters. If they still continue to illegally deposit waste then a Fixed Penalty notice of £50 will be issued.

Councillor Linda Kirby, Cabinet Member for Environmental Quality, said: “We are committed to reducing the amount of litter and fly tipping across the borough. This is not about fining people. We are asking people to help us to keep the borough free from litter by following a few simple instructions. We will be working with residents to make sure they are clear about where and when they should be putting out their refuse and written warnings will always be issued before we issuing fines.”

Merton Council is aware that refuse staff sometimes generate litter when they are making collections. Resident are urged to report this immediately by calling 020 8274 4902 so the problems can be addressed with the patch crew for the area. They are also aware that occasionally collections are missed. The patch team managers will be liasing with local councillors to identify problem areas and work to address this across the borough.

To report missed collections, littering or for copies of the leaflet please call 020 8274 4902.


Claire Bartlett
Senior Press & PR Officer
London Borough of Merton
020 8545 3327