Are you Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

The Recycle for London Campaign is all about encouraging Londoners to recycle more and to highlight this message at Christmas, a time when we are producing 10 per cent more rubbish, we have searched far and wide across all of London’s boroughs to find some exemplary recyclers, London’s very own recycling heroes.

Now the people of the Merton have two new heroes – Christine Matthews and Trish Regan. Christine and Trish were nominated and successful in being chosen to be two of 12 lucky Londoners to appear in a stunning new calendar shot by celebrity photographer Terry O’Neill to celebrate the Recycle for London campaign.

Known locally as the ‘Composting Queens’ Christine and Trish are enthusiastic recyclers. They are members of The Merton Gardens & Allotments Habitat Action Plan Group, which has produced a booklet for Merton residents to encourage locals to ‘go green in the garden’.

Christine and Trish also hold composting workshops in the borough of Merton to educate the community about how much of their rubbish can actually be composted, rather than thrown-away. For Christine and Trish throwing away is the last resort.

Merton alone is expected to generate over 6000 tonnes of rubbish over a four week duration in the Christmas period. If you would like to talk to Christine and Trish about their recycling and how they are dreaming of a green Christmas this year, please contact Mathew James or Zoë Harris at Trimedia on 020 7371 3333.

Recycling made easy in London – the low-down:
Recycling services across London’s boroughs have significantly improved since 2002. The Recycle for London campaign uses the strap line ‘London, let’s recycle more’ to make Londoners more aware of the services that are available to them and of the full range of items they can recycle. Approximately seventy-five per cent of Londoners now have a recycling collection from their home, which has increased from 57 per cent in 2001-2. The number of households receiving an organic recycling collection has doubled since last year to over half a million. The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said: “Recycling services across the capital have improved dramatically but many people still do not know about them or use them as much as they could. The Recycle for London campaign aims to get people recycling not just old newspapers and wine bottles, but items they may not have realised they could recycle before, such as old telephone directories and aerosol cans. Londoners produce 3.4 million tonnes of waste a year. If we are to reach our targets of recycling 25 per cent