Dundonald Has The Skills

Dundonald School staff have been given a gold star from the Basic Skills Agency.

The school was recently awarded a Quality Mark from for its hard work with reading, writing and mathematics.

The Basic Skills Quality Mark recognises schools that meet minimum standards in teaching reading, writing, spelling and mathematics. To obtain the Quality Mark, schools must meet set of criteria to demonstrate they are on an upward trend in terms of basic skills teaching.

The ten elements include:

·They must have a whole school strategy to improve performance in basic skills
·They must use a range of basic skills teaching styles in the classroom
·They must have improvement plans in place for pupils at the school who are underachieving in basic skills
·They must involve parents in developing their children’s basic skills

Jane White, Headteacher of Dundonald School said:

“We are extremely pleased to have met the high standards set by the Basic Skills Agency. It is a recognition of the hard work all of our staff have put into making Dundonald a popular and successful school.”

Andrew Judge, Leader of Merton Council said:

“Congratulations to everyone involved with Dundonald School for this is a wonderful achievement. Being recognised with a Quality Mark is testament to the school’s commitment to the success of its students.”