John Innes Gets a Make-Over

John Innes Park in Church Path is undergoing a facelift to help restore it to its former condition.

Serpentine Walk has had major tree surgery to open the area up for under planting as part of an ongoing project at the park.

The popular walking trail runs through the park but was largely overgrown with shade making it impossible for new growth.

Work began before Christmas when a large number of hollies and yews were pruned and dead trees removed.

It continued earlier this month when a variety of shrubs and perennials were planted around the area with the support of the Friends of John Innes Group.

Councillor Linda Kirby, Merton’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Quality said:

“There are still areas in the park which were first planted many years ago and have become overgrown, overcrowded and shaded.

“If we could get future funding it would be great to open up some of these areas and continue with the replanting.”