Eastenders shows the way

Fans of Eastenders will be aware of the recent story line surrounding Albert Square resident, Keith Miller. After successfully hiding his literacy problems for years, Keith’s family discover that he is actually unable to read or write.

Merton Adult Education is delighted that high profile soaps such as Eastenders are finally tackling this sensitive issue as it affects so many people in Britain today. Tens of thousands of adults in this country are currently struggling with literacy and or numeracy, which is why the government have made it one of their top educational priorities to try and tackle.

As the middle-aged Eastender’s character is finding, it is very difficult to get on in life without these essential skills, let alone find a job. His frustration is shared by many others who have been let down by their school education but find themselves too ashamed to admit their difficulty and seek help. However help is at hand for people in Keith’s situation as classes in English and Maths are now available in adult colleges all over Britain.

In Merton, there are various part time courses on offer across the borough for those who need help with literacy and or numeracy. Merton Adult Education has helped hundreds of adults improve their English and Maths over the years, with some students even leaving with GCSE qualifications. Patricia Cronin, Skills for Life tutor at Merton Adult Education explains.

“Our classes are becoming increasingly popular with parents wanting to help their children with their school work or with those wanting to improve their career prospects, and once they realise how unthreatening the adult learning environment is they just go from strength to strength.”

For more confidential and friendly advice about free courses in Merton call the Adult Education department on 020 8543 9292.


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