Go Native

With the holiday season upon us, many of us will be seeking warmer climes. But when there, will you be relying on the locals speaking English?

Brits abroad have always received bad press for their lack of language skills but don’t worry help is at hand. If you don’t want to resort to shouting loudly and frantic hand gestures in a desperate bid to make yourself understood on holiday why not do some preparation before you leave?

Merton Adult Education is offering short, part-time, holiday language classes in French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Courses start on 6th June, last for 5 weeks and can be studied in the afternoon or the evening in Morden or Wimbledon. Various levels are available ranging from absolute beginners to those who just want to brush up on their existing skills.

Courses can teach you how to order drinks and meals, ask for directions as well as essential phrases for travel, accommodation, numbers and money, shopping, accidents and emergencies – everything you need to get by on holiday. So if you want to communicate with confidence this summer, give Merton Adult Education a call to find out more ~ 020 8543 9292.


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