Merton gives teachers a helping hand

21 June 2005

Merton gives teachers a helping hand

Teacher Support Line, a 24-hour free telephone service, supports 17,000 teachers a year when they call on issues ranging from workload pressures to carer responsibilities, money problems to workplace bullying.

Launched six years ago, the service has benefited 165 teachers in Merton.

Patrick Nash, Chief Executive, Teacher Support Network said:

“I’m delighted that Merton has offered to support this service. This donation will ensure that teachers have access to round-the-clock support, advice and counselling.

“Teacher Support Line has helped a total of 70,000 teachers since its launch in 1999 on a range of personal and professional issues.

“With so many teachers calling for assistance and counselling, the need for Teacher Support Line is paramount at a time when retention in the profession remains a challenge.

“In cost terms, therefore, this is an extremely worthwhile investment that supports and promotes the well-being of teachers.”

Councillor David Chung said: “We want to give Merton teachers our maximum support and I am pleased we have been able to work with the Teacher Support Line.”


Notes to editor

· Teacher Support Network is a national charity providing practical and emotional support to teachers and lecturers (serving and retired) in the UK. Website:

§ Teacher Support Line on 08000 562 561 offers telephone information, support and counselling for all lecturers in England. Staffed by trained counsellors with education expertise, the service is 24-hour, free and confidential.

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