Time called and approved

As part of the transfer of alcohol licensing powers from the magistrates courts to local authorities the London Borough of Merton held their first Licensing Sub-Committee Meeting on Tuesday 21 June 2005.

An application heard related to local pub ‘Baobab’ which is based on the riverside in Colliers Wood. They applied to extend their licence to open for the sale of alcoholic and to play recorded music, karaoke and live music (up to two entertainers) for an extra hour every night and to open for an addition two hours on a Friday and Saturday night.

The meeting was attended by the Police, Merton’s environmental health (noise team) and the area child protection team, who all made representations.

The Licensing Sub-Committee decided to grant permission subject to a number of limitations including:
– Door supervisors must be on duty from 11pm onwards
– They have a fully independent recordable CCTV system
– Music is kept below a certain decibel level
– Adults must accompany children on the premises at all times.

The new opening hours will come into effect from 24 November 2005.

Local Licensees are reminded that the new licensing regime under the Licensing Act 2003 will come into force on 24 November 2005. However, if local licensees want to convert their existing premises and personal licenses there is a statutory deadline of the 6th August 2005.

If licensees fail to submit their applications to convert by the deadline, they will be required to make new applications for premises and personal licences. Individuals applying for personal licences will also be required to possess a licensing qualification accredited by the Secretary of State. If licensees have not been granted premises licences or personal licences by the time the new regime comes into force they will not be able to trade legally and leave themselves open to prosecution.

For further information contact Merton Council’s Licensing Team on 020 8545 4005/3929, or visit http://www.merton.gov.uk/licensing


Notes to editor
Under this new legislation local council will be taking over the responsibility of alcohol licensing from the Magistrates’ Court and will be responsible for the issuing of:
– Premises licences for premises providing late night refreshment, entertainment or selling alcohol
– Personal licence for the person who will be actually selling alcohol
– Member clubs are also covered by the new regime and will need to apply for club premises certificates.

Press Officer
Claire Bartlett
Senior PR and Press Officer