Keeping it real

In support of Real Nappy Week 2005 (20-26 June) Councillor Linda Kirby joined the Kingston and Merton real nappy network (KMRNN) and Merton Council’s waste minimisation officer, at Wimbledon Centre Court on Sunday 26 June to encourage parents and future parents to use real nappies.

Councillor Linda Kirby, Merton Council’s cabinet member for environmental quality, said: “It was heartening to meet a number of parents who were using real nappies and a few who were keen to convert. I have a six-month-old granddaughter and I am extremely pleased that my daughter decided to use real nappies. I did it myself when my children were babies and it was no big deal.”

Real Nappy Week is a nationwide campaign that aims to enable parents to make an informed choice of what type of nappies they use. It is coordinated by the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) and funded by Wrap (the Waste & Resources Action Programme).

Kingston and Merton Real Nappy Network (KMRNN) promote the use of washable cloth nappies. During Real Nappy Week, KMRNN approached 600 people and distributed 300 leaflets. 70 people came to the event for more information. Registry offices in Merton and Kingston have been giving out nappy leaflets in birth packs. Health visitors and the National Childbirth Trusts local branches have also helped by referring people to the real nappy events.

Reusable nappies, also called cloth nappies or real nappies, are great for the environment. Did you know:
· A baby will produce one tonne of waste through disposable nappies by the time they finish using them.
· Nappies described as biodegradable have so much oil incorporated into their manufacture that it would take around l00 years to break down.
· Disposable nappies produce methane gas when they are dumped in a landfill.
· Britain throws away about eight million nappies a day. This costs local authorities hundreds of thousands of pounds per year in disposal costs.

Useful contacts:
· Contact Kingston and Merton Real Nappy Network on 07949 628 148
· The Real Nappy Helpline is available on 0845 850 0606, giving callers details of their local cloth nappy contacts.
· Visit


Photo’s available – call 020 8545 3327