School achievers look to Nelson

Nelson was the theme at Merton’s fourth annual education achievements awards on Thursday 7July to recognise the outstanding contributions of pupils, volunteers and governors.

The awards evening honoured students who have made excellent academic progress and recognised individuals in the wider learning community who have made an outstanding contribution in helping local pupils.

The evening began with Merton Park primary school pupils singing songs from the forthcoming musical ‘Nelson’s Paradise Merton’. The Nelson bi-centenary theme continued as guest speaker Roy Clare, Director of the National Maritime Museum, talked about Nelson’s achievements in spite of the challenges he had to face.

Winners included:
§ Elsa Hutchinson, St Mark’s Primary School and Doreen O’Donoghue, Merton Park Primary School for their outstanding contribution as volunteers
§ Steve Goodwin, Cricket Green School for his outstanding contribution as a school governor
§ Casie Barned, Ricards Lodge High School for her outstanding contribution to the community

The Mayor of Merton, Councillor Judy Saunders, and Roy Clare presented prizes to children and adults involved in education across Merton.

Speaking after the ceremony, Councillor David Chung, Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong learning, said, “The evening was a great success. We recognised the achievements of children and young people across Merton as well as the unsung heroes who add so much to the life of our schools.

“I congratulate all of those who received prizes on the evening and look forward to celebrating the success of other young people and volunteers in the future. ‘