Safer Merton moving ahead

Merton has been ranked the fourth lowest crime borough in London.

Safer Merton (previously Merton Partnership Against Crime) recently achieved 10 of its 14 targets set in April 2002. The three-year targets were aimed at reducing particular crimes and disorder over the borough.

The achievements included:

– Reducing the number of Merton children and young people offending for the first time by 31%
– Reducing incidents of disorder in a public place by 17%
– Reducing the number of street crime incidents reported to the police by 26
– Reducing the number of burglaries reported to the police by 26%
– Increasing the number of judicial disposals for trafficking controlled drugs by 50%

The results signify an improvement from Merton’s eighth ranking in 2004 and is a 15.9% total reduction in crime against a London average of 8.6% (based on the total number of crimes per 1000 residents).

Councillor Russell Makin, Merton’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration said:

‘I congratulate the individuals within the Safer Merton team in their success in helping to keep Merton a crime-free borough.’