Sponsors Identified For Schools

Two of Merton’s Schools, Mitcham Vale and Tamworth Manor Secondary Schools have each received an expression of interest for them to acquire Academy School status.

The sponsors wishing to sponsor these potential transitions are Southwark Diocese Board of Education, working in partnership with the Centre for British Teachers (CfBT) AND Toc H for Mitcham Vale and Lord Harris of Peckham is spearheading the bid for Tamworth Manor.

Before anything is decided on the future of both schools, the proposals will be submitted to the respective school Governors for their consideration.

It is anticipated the proposals would then be forwarded to the Secretary of State For Education and Skills at the start of December, who will commission a detailed consultation in advance of the final outcome.

A real advantage of the schools being granted Academy Status would be the introduction of a 6th form facility, which neither school currently has.

Merton Council leader, Councillor Andrew Judge said:

“We have been working very closely with central Government and the two sponsors to secure a more prosperous and successful future for Mitcham Vale and Tamworth Manor.

It is hoped that we will have a final decision on both schools in the near future, and that they will gain Academy status.

I am confident that if the proposals are agreed, it will herald a new, positive and exciting era for the schools concerned.”