So you want to be a councillor?

A briefing session designed to de-mystify the role of a councillor is being held next week at the Civic Centre in Morden.

The briefing has been planned to help prospective councillors find out all about the role and shine some light on the workings of a local authority. People considering standing as councillors in the forthcoming 2006 local elections are encouraged to attend.

The session begins at 7pm on Thursday 24 November in the Council chambers at the Civic centre in Morden. Refreshments will be provided and particular emphasis will be placed on the:

The role of a councillor.
The structure of the Council and
What happens when I am elected?

If you have intentions to stand as a councillor or feel that the briefing could be of interest then contact David Dunford of the Democratic Services Team at Merton Council on 020 8545 3361

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