Tough new laws target householders who fly-tip

Next Monday (21 November) will see tough new laws brought in to tackle fly-tipping. Aimed at householders, the new regulations require householders to ensure that household waste, in particular bulky items such as kitchen refurbishments, old three piece suites, washing machines, are only disposed of to an authorised person.

The new legislation brings household waste in line with businesses who already have to ensure that only a licensed carriers takes their trade waste. Normal domestic waste is not affected as it is already collected by the council, which is an authorised person.

From Monday, household bulky waste will need to be disposed of by making arrangements with the council by using its bulky waste collection service or by taking it to the household reuse and recycling sites at Garth Road, or Weir Road (where there is a furniture recycling facility) or by arranging for an authorised, licensed carrier to collect it. Waste carriers are licensed by the Environment Agency and should be able to produce proof. They must also provide a receipt, called a transfer note, when collecting and disposing of the waste. It is illegal not to do so.

People who use the ‘man with a van’ for cash, no receipt, and no questions asked will find themselves receiving a summons. It is also illegal to bribe council refuse collectors to collect items they are not authorised to deal with.

Businesses are often prosecuted and fined for not using licensed carriers. Now householders too can be prosecuted if they do not ensure that their waste is disposed of legally. The unlicensed carrier invariably fly tips the waste they clear – this in turn means that the Council tax payer ends up footing the bill as the Council must remove fly tips from public land and arrange and pay for disposal. There has been considerable publicity in the press and on the TV in respect of rogue traders. Enforcement action will be taken against offenders.


Notes to editors:
Householders requiring advice should call the council on 020 8274 4902 for information on the bulky collection service and the household Reuse and Recycling Centres; email enquiries to, or visit

You can check to see if a waste carrier is licensed by calling the Environment Agency on 01276 454 503 or 01276 454 337. Or visit the Agency’s web site and look in its public registers.

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