Drug use drops

A questionnaire on health related behaviour has shown a reduction in the number of young people in Merton who have used an illegal drug in the last month.

Merton Drug and Alcohol Action Team funded the survey carried out this year in primary and secondary schools throughout the borough by the Schools Health Education Unit. It also asked questions about citizenship, healthy eating, homework, leisure, alcohol and tobacco.

Students completed the questionnaire anonymously before it was returned to the Schools Health Education Unit in Exeter for processing. The survey showed the number of year 10 pupils that had taken an illegal drug in the previous month had gone down 7% from 16% to 9%. The reduction means drug usage among young people in Merton is now even lower than the national average of 24%.

Manager of Merton Youth Awareness Programme, Nigel Eggleston said:

“The reduction could be attributed to the combination of hard work from Merton Youth Awareness Programme’s in-school drugs education and counselling service with the Merton Healthy Schools Programme.”

A 24hour confidential and free helpline called FRANK is available on 0800 77 66 00 to provide advice, information or support about drugs and alcohol.