Reporting crime online

London Borough of Merton
15 December 2005

Reporting crime online

An anonymous tool for reporting crime has been launched on the Safer Merton website at

By clicking the link on the side that says ‘community intelligence’ people can provide information about a crime that has happened or is being planned. It can also be used to report incidents or anti-social behaviour.

The anonymous nature of the facility means it is also an especially useful tool for reporting racial or homophobic hate crimes that victims may be afraid to report. Other crimes that are expected to be reported through the website include bogus callers.

The community intelligence tool is an optional service for victims who don’t wish to report the crime to police but shouldn’t replace traditional reporting methods.

Chief Superintendent Michael Wood, Borough Commander for Merton said:

“If you have been a victim but do not wish to report the incident to the police it is important that we know that an incident occurred. This can help us to understand where things happen and how they happen and can help us prevent others from becoming victims.”

Councillor Andrew Judge, Leader of Merton Council said:

“The reporting of Community Intelligence will help us to protect the vulnerable members of our community and ensure that the borough remains a safe place to be by tackling such crimes as racial and homophobic incidents as well as providing information on criminals such as bogus callers.”