Media Invitation – Every Child Matters

Thursday 30 March 2006 – 8.30am – 16.00pm
Chaucer Centre, Canterbury Road, Morden

Every Child Matters, will be the definitive message reverberating around the Chaucer Centre at next Thursday’s child behaviour conference.

The conference is designed to ensure Merton Council along with its key partners gain a broader understanding of children’s development needs, both academically and emotionally.

The following workshops will take place during the course of the Every Child Matters conference.

· Anti-bullying approaches
· Play therapy
· Restorative justice
· Outdoor education and team building
· Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (S.E.A.L.)
· Working with underachieving pupils
· Developing self esteem
· Solution focused work with families
· Nurture groups
· Counselling for children

Heather Geddes, a qualified teacher and Educational Therapist who undertakes training and consultation with teachers and other educational staff will be the keynote speaker at next Thursday’s conference.