Community Plan launch

A Community Plan for Merton will be unveiled this evening at the Ewart Room, Merton Register Office, Morden Park House.

The plan is a blueprint of Merton’s aspirations for the local community between 2006 and 2015.

The Merton Partnership has been responsible for overseeing and developing the plan. The Partnership is a multi-agency partnership of local stakeholders including Merton Council, the Metropolitan Police Service, the London Fire Brigade, Merton Voluntary Service Council, Merton Chamber of Commerce, Jobcentre Plus, Sutton and Merton Primary Care Trust, Merton Racial Equality Partnership, Merton Unity Network, Merton College, the Merton Borough Interfaith Forum, the Learning and Skills Council, as well as local Members of Parliament.

Councillor David Simpson, cabinet member for Partnerships and Community Safety said:

“We are grateful to Reverend Andrew Wakefield and his committee for all the work they have done over the past two years, and to all the organisations and individuals, who also participated in the ongoing consultation process.

“This has been an innovative approach. The new Conservative administration will take this plan forward with a cabinet member being attached to each of the Local Area Agreements. I am also delighted to launch Merton’s Community Cohesion Charter to promote good community relations within Merton.”

Ged Curran, Chief Executive of Merton Council and Chair of the Merton Partnership Executive Board said:

‘This is a great achievement. It reminds us all why we are here. The people of Merton have clearly shown us the kind of borough that they would like to live in. The challenge now is for all of us to work together to make those hopes a reality.’

Invited guests have been asked to arrive for 6pm. Councillor Samantha George, Deputy Leader of Merton Council, will welcome guests, as well as introducing the other key speakers for the evening, which includes Councillor David Simpson, Ged Curran and Reverend Andrew Wakefield, Chair of the Community Plan Group.

Councillor David Simpson’s presentation is to be followed by Reverend Andrew Wakefield, who will officially launch Merton’s Community Plan at 6.30pm. An overview of Merton Partnership’s work will then ensue along with some refreshments to signal the end of what will be a very special and significant evening for Merton’s community.