Paddling pools to remain open

Children and parents will be delighted to hear that all of the Thames Water supplied paddling pools in Merton are to remain open this summer.

Originally scheduled to close on 1 August, to meet the restrictions of the proposed drought order by Thames Water, the following pools will stay open:

Colliers Wood Recreation Ground
Joseph Hood Recreation Ground
Lewis Road Recreation Ground
Rowan Road Recreation Ground
Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Fields
Ravensbury Park
Tamworth Farm Recreation Ground
Wimbledon Park

Councillor Tariq Ahmad, cabinet member for Environment and Traffic Management said:

“This is excellent news for the children of Merton. The paddling pools have been absolutely packed over the past few weeks, which is hardly surprising when you consider the weather we have been experiencing.

“At Merton, we are committed to putting people first and this demonstrates the council’s commitment to do just that. Credit must also go to Merton’s leisure department, as they originally pre-empted the drought order by opening the paddling pools early on 3 July, whereas in fact, the pools should have opened on 22 July. “

The two paddling pools to remain closed until further notice are Morden Park and King George’s, as they fall under Sutton & East Surrey Water, who are currently operating under the restrictions of a drought order.