Have your say on repairs

A task group is to look at the way council properties are maintained in Merton.

The group, made up of tenants, councillors and leaseholder representatives, will examine the council’s housing repairs service to look at ways the service can be improved.

The Housing Repairs task group is interested to hear your views and will be holding a public discussion meeting to which housing tenants and leaseholders are invited. This meeting will take place on Saturday 23 September at 10.00am in the Council Chamber, Merton Civic Centre, Morden.

The task group is chaired by Councillor Russell Makin who explained the thinking behind the review.

“We are conducting this review with the aim of recommending improvements to the service provided to tenants, leaseholders and the Council. In order to achieve this the Panel need to hear about resident’s experiences of the service. We will be arranging two open meetings with residents. One on September 23, where people will have an opportunity to raise any comments, and another meeting on January 20 where we will be reporting back the Panel’s findings. This is your opportunity for you to help us with this review and any contribution will be gratefully received.”

A view echoed by Ann Moyies, a tenant representative on the task group.

“I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to be part of this review as a tenant representative and user of this service. I am aware of the problems that tenants can have with the repairs service so anything we can do to improve this service would benefit tenants. I would also urge other council tenants to put their views and opinions of the service forward to the task group”

If you would like to contribute to the review of council house repairs but cannot make this meeting, you can contact the task group in the following ways:

By email at scrutiny@merton.gov.uk or through the Merton Council website at http://www.merton.gov.uk/scrutiny

By letter to Scrutiny Team, Chief Executives Dept, Merton Civic Centre, Morden, SM4 5DX

By telephone: 020 8545 4685