Public Question Time at Merton

Merton Council has established an innovative opportunity for Merton residents to ask questions of its Cabinet Members at its Full Council Meetings. These questions will be asked and answered by councillors on two important dates. The first date will be the 29th November 2006, the second the 2nd May 2007. All councillors will be in attendance. There will be an opportunity at the meeting for questioners to put forward one follow-up question to the answer they receive.

Merton’s Deputy Leader Councillor Samantha George said ‘ this is a good opportunity for residents of Merton to question Cabinet Members in a formal and constructive way. Every resident has an opportunity to ask a Cabinet Member a question and get a formal answer at the Full Council Meeting. This is a great way of getting the community involved in the local democratic process.’

If you wish to put a question to your councillors, then please send in your question to or send it in the post to Democratic Services, 9th Floor, Merton Council Civic Centre, London Road, Morden SM4 5DX, to arrive no later than 5pm on Friday November 17th for the November Council Meeting.