Houses demolished for flouting planning regulation

Two semi-detached houses in Merton were demolished after failing to comply with planning regulations.

Merton Council had granted planning permission in September 2002 for the construction of two semi-detached four-bedroom houses at 23 Rural Way, SW16.

In March 2004, Merton Council investigated complaints that the development was not being built in accordance with the agreed planning application, as the erected buildings were much bigger than approved.

The council’s Planning Enforcement Team issued an Enforcement Notice against the developer in November 2004 to demolish the two houses.

The developers did appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against the Enforcement Notice, and in November 2005 they returned with their decision, which was to uphold the Enforcement Notice. The Planning Inspectorate concluded that the pair of houses were unacceptably intrusive and overbearing.

The Planning Enforcement team attempted to try and get the developer to build the houses in line with the September 2002 planning permission, but the development was too well advanced to revert to the approved scheme.

A demolition company instructed by the property developer demolished the two houses on Friday 8 June.

Anne Lippitt, Interim Head of Planning at Merton Council said:

“It is regrettable that the two properties had to be demolished, yet the property developer has no one to blame but themselves. They deviated from their original planning permission and started to build the properties based on the scheme that was refused.

“The buildings were a complete intrusion on the neighbouring properties, and that was reflected in the Planning Inspectorate’s decision to turn down their appeal.”


Notes to editors:

· Before and after images of the property available on request.
· The developer of 23 Rural Way, SW16, is Bowman Associates, London, SE1.