Night of Safer Neighbourhoods

Safer Merton is taking a number of positive steps in working towards a safer and enjoyable Halloween night for the residents of Merton. The Safer Merton partnership brings together the London Borough of Merton, the Metropolitan Police and other relevant agencies to maintain the low levels of crime, drugs, resident safety and anti-social behaviour in the area.

During the two weeks of Halloween and bonfire activity, the police will be out in the borough visiting vulnerable residents in Merton, to offer reassurance and advice.

In a bid to remove anti-social behaviour caused by some trick-or-treaters Safer Merton has also requested that shops remove egg and flour from their shelves during the week of Halloween.

To combat fears and tackle anti-social behaviour further Police Safer Neighbourhood teams will be on patrol, working later during the two weeks to reassure residents who have concerns or are fearful at this time of the year.

Aside from the council and the police, a number of local service providers will be working together with Safer Merton to ensure as many residents can enjoy this time as possible. The Metropolitan Police, Safer Neighbourhood teams, town centre managers, Trading Standards and schools will all be involved to help reassure residents and combat anti social behaviour in the coming weeks.

If you are out and about at this time of year Safer Merton has various tips and advice on staying safe:

An adult should accompany children when out trick or treating.
Parents should plan children routes and leave early
Children must not enter people houses or cars.
Parents should explain to children what is acceptable behaviour when out trick-or-treating
Children should always bring sweets home to be inspected by an adult, if in doubt, throw it out
Motorist should drive extra safely as children may dart out into roads
Do not throw fireworks (Only over 18s can purchase fireworks)
Unless pre-arranged, you should not visit elderly people or those vulnerable in the community
Keep tricks within the law; remember causing criminal damage is an offence.

Councillor David Simpson, Cabinet member for Partnership and Community Safety says

“To ensure a happy and safe Halloween and Bonfire Night I would suggest all residents of Merton wherever possible take note of this advice and attend our professionally organised events. So often these can be just as exciting as having your own party but without the potential risk to yourselves and others around you.”

For further information about Safer Merton and advice on stayin