Merton on the route to excellence

For the third year running Merton has officially improved its performance according to the results of a thorough inspection by the Audit Commission released today.

Merton holds on to its 3 out of 4 score and ‘Good’ rating, which measures the overall performance of the council under the Government’s Comprehensive Performance Assessment. According to the report Merton is now performing above the average for other councils in the country.

As part of the overall assessment the ‘Direction of Travel’ of the council has been measured as ‘Improving Well’ with substantial improvement in many areas. Significant improvements were noted in resident satisfaction with the environment, sports and leisure facilities and libraries. Services for children and young people, partnership working and improving access to services were also mentioned as areas of consistent improvement.

The report showed that Merton is doing well to achieve value for money for its residents and this is proven by an increased satisfaction from residents in this area. The fall in the fear of crime in the borough, and the fact Merton continues to be one of the safest boroughs in London was also highlighted as a key area of improvement.

Leader of Merton Council, Councillor David Williams comments:

” These inspections are extremely thorough and so to be measured as above the average is excellent news. Being able to offer our residents the best value for money is paramount, but on the limited resources available not always easy. This assessment proves how much work is being done on putting our residents needs first, amending and improving our services to fit what is important to them.”

Chief Executive of Merton Council Ged Curran adds:

“This assessment is great news. A lot of energy has gone into further improving our performance in the last year, making us a fitter, faster and more focused council. We have strengthened our ‘Good’ 3 star rating this year. We are very close to getting 4 out of 4 and becoming an ‘excellent’ council. Merton is always trying to offer the best value and services to its residents and as long as we do this we will continue to move up the rankings.”