Merton pioneers web-based green energy monitoring

Merton Council, the initiator of the groundbreaking Merton Rule, is to host a one-day conference looking at the practical implementation of the low carbon planning policy and how it can be developed for building in the future.

At the conference, called The Merton Rule – Building a zero carbon future, the council will bring together planners, developers, private sector businesses, academics and politicians who will be the first to see a live demonstration of a pioneering web-based green energy monitoring system.

Merton Council is continuing to build on its renewable energy planning policy and is now working with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Massachusetts and the Government Office for London (GOL) on the new monitoring system, an initiative enabling all local authorities to fulfil Government demands to monitor the amount of renewable energy produced in the borough. Head of WPI global studies department Professor Paul Davies will give a live demonstration of the prototype which is linked to solar panels on the roof of the Big Yellow self storage facility in South Wimbledon.

Also in partnership with WPI, the council is working on an initiative to enable developers to provide a birth certificate to go with their building. The document is to be updated throughout the life of the building and will detail when it was built, its energy efficiency and its predicted lifespan.

Deputy Leader of Merton Council, Councillor Samantha George, said: ‘Merton Council is taking the opportunity to bring together people from different sectors to talk about climate change and the practical ways we can address this important issue at a local level. We are demonstrating that Merton continues to lead the way in this area.’

Merton Council cabinet member and conference chairman, Councillor Tariq Ahmad said: “Our residents have concerns about climate change and we as councils have a responsibility, but also a desire, to address the issue through our actions and the policy decisions we make.

“Both the public and private sectors have the power to substantially reduce carbon emissions. We also have a responsibility to monitor the impact our buildings have on the environment. It is exciting to see through Merton’s close partnership with WPI and GOL the development of the prototype monitoring system which will be demonstrated for the first time at this conference.”