Merton Council to review recycling and rubbish collections

Merton Council is to conduct a major review into how it recycles and manages the borough’s waste.

As part of the review the council is calling for residents to have their say about these services and get involved in the consultation process.

A specially compiled survey is available in all borough libraries for residents to complete. Residents can also get hold of a copy at reception on the ground floor of the Civic Centre or complete the survey by logging onto The consultation closing date is the 26 August 2008.

A team of council officers will be knocking on the doors of 9,000 Merton residents over the next 10 days to ask them for their views about Merton waste and recycling collections. They will also have a copy of the survey with them for residents to complete.

Following the consultation period, the council will analyse all residents’ responses. The results will form a vital part of the council’s overall assessment of how Merton manages the collection of rubbish and recyclable items. The results and recommendations will be published on the council website in November 2008.

Merton Council has also been running a number of trials in areas across the borough including a trial kitchen waste collection from 1,900 properties in the Ravensbury ward and a so-called co-mingled collection in Wimbledon and Raynes Park. Co-mingled means that household waste is collected and separated by a waste company rather than by the householder.

Merton Council Cabinet Member for the Environment Councillor David Simpson said: ‘With the support of our residents Merton has beaten the government recycling target and now recycles over 27% of its household waste. This is great news, but we want to be even better at our recycling, which is why we are keen for residents to get involved in the consultation process and let us know what they think of the current service and how we can improve it.

‘Last year 76,000 tonnes of Merton’s waste ended up in landfill, and as landfill is running out and becoming more expensive due to Government restrictions, the council has a duty to invest in the right technologies to find a better and more sustainable way to manage our waste in the future. We can all play our part, recycle even more and use our consumer power to choose products with less packaging. This would go some of the way to reducing the amount of rubbish we generate in the first place.’