Hidden cameras catch fly tipping culprits

Maintaining its tough stance on fly tipping, Merton Council successfully prosecuted a member of the public for dumping cardboard boxes in Waterside Way, Wimbledon, last month. The culprit was recorded on a hidden surveillance camera.

Robert Zietkowski of 5 Lilac Gardens, London was ordered to pay Wimbledon Magistrates Court a £500 penalty, and £1,095 in costs to Merton Council.

After repeated incidents of fly tipping in Waterside Way, the council decided to position a concealed camera to monitor the location. A vehicle recorded at the scene was found to be registered to Mr Zietkowski. Despite Mr Zietowski claiming that he was not using the vehicle at the time, he was found liable for the offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Merton Council cabinet member for the environment Councillor David Simpson said: “Fly tipping is a criminal offence which we will not tolerate. People dumping waste and leaving it for others to pick up risk paying out large sums of money to the court and the council when caught committing this type of environmental crime. Collecting the rubbish dumped by fly tippers costs the council around £250,000 per year, money we would rather spend on other services to benefit residents. Fly tipping is anti-social and spoils the area for the majority of people who want to enjoy our beautiful parks and live in clean, safe streets. This case should serve as a warning that we will use all the methods at our disposal to pursue fly tippers. With five covert surveillance systems that we can use anywhere in the borough, we are conducting other similar operations across Merton. Fly tippers beware – the net is closing in.’