Merton says “20’s plenty”

Committed to improving road safety for residents across the borough, Merton Council has successfully secured £340,000 of funding from Transport for London. This will supplement the £500,000, which the council itself is investing in the introduction of 20mph zones and limits.

The funding has been earmarked for introducing a range of traffic calming measures to encourage drivers to reduce their speed in residential areas and become more observant when travelling within these zones.

In the early stages of development the council has written to residents who will be affected by the proposals, to consult them on Merton Council’s intention to introduce 20mph zones and limits in several areas across the borough. Residents will therefore have the opportunity to express their views and raise any concerns.

Cabinet Member for Planning and Traffic Management, Cllr William Brierly said: “The proposed 20mph zones are designed to improve the safety and quality of life for local residents. Studies indicate that lower speeds mean fewer and less serious accidents and we believe the implementation of ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ schemes will have a positive effect on further improving our road safety. They will also encourage more residents, especially those with young children, to walk and cycle so promoting healthier and greener lifestyles.”