70% of residents like fresh approach to waste plan

Merton Council gave residents the opportunity to have their say on stage two of the South London Waste Plan consultation this week.

‘How Merton Council assesses planning applications for waste treatment facilities?’ and ‘which sites in the borough are suitable for this type of development?” were just two of the key questions being asked at the workshop. Held at the Civic Centre, the workshop gave everyone the opportunity to have a closer look at the draft plan, ask questions and raise issues they felt were important.

CAG Consulting, a planning and community involvement specialist facilitated the ‘drop in’ style, exhibition workshop. Participants were able to read exhibition boards, speak directly to consultants, complete a questionnaire and even capture their views about the development of the plan in a video booth.

Cabinet member for environment and leisure services Councillor David Simpson said: ‘The workshop format was specifically designed to give residents the opportunity to speak one to one with officers and others involved in the consultation. From the feedback we received just over 70% said they preferred the informal format rather than a public question and answer session. With increased pressure on local authorities to substantially reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill it is essential we act now. The South London Waste Plan is critical in planning for the future.

He concluded: ‘Landfill is running out, we must find other ways. However, we can only do this with the help, support and views of our residents.’

Notes to editor

Following last year’s consultation, 28 locations have been identified across the four boroughs as potentially suitable locations for waste management facilities over the next 10 years. Further investigation and your comments on these sites are now needed before the final selection is made. Not all identified sites will be needed in the final list.

The workshop is just one part of stage two of the South London Waste Plan consultation. Interested parties can also read the consultation documents, available online at: http://www.merton.gov.uk/wasteplan <<>> Alternatively you can request a copy of the consultation document by calling 020 8547 5375 or e-mailing southlondonwasteplan@rbk.kingston.gov.uk <<>>

If you would like an officer to attend a community group meeting to talk about the South London Waste Plan please use the contact details provided.


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London Borough of Merton
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