Roadworks stop for Christmas shop

Roadworks being carried out in Wimbledon by Southern Gas Networks (SGN) to replace the Broadway’s old gas pipes will be suspended from Tuesday 24 November until Monday 4 January, to make life easier for local residents and Christmas shoppers in the town centre.

Following the festive season, works will continue on The Broadway between Queens Road and Hartfield Road until February 2010. They will then move on to Wimbledon Hill Road between the junctions of Wimbledon Bridge and Worple Road.

Southern Gas Networks are replacing the cast iron pipes with plastic pipes as part of the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) 30-year replacement programme to reduce the potential of a gas leak or explosion.

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Merton Council’s cabinet member for planning and traffic management Councillor William Brierly said, ‘To make life easier for our residents during the Christmas period, we have agreed with Southern Gas Network to suspend the roadworks for six weeks. We are also committed to supporting local businesses and stopping the roadworks, along with our planned reduction in parking charges, should encourage more people into the town centre.

‘We appreciate residents’ patience with the roadworks in Wimbledon and recognise that when a major roadworks programme of this kind is being undertaken, there is always some inconvenience for road users and for commuters trying to get to the station. However, Southern Gas remain on schedule to finish the works, after which we will have modern gas pipes serving the borough.’