Merton gets stuck into tackling illegal car sales

Merton Council has been hitting the borough’s streets on the look out for cars for sale.

Armed with stickers warning it is illegal to offer vehicles for sale in the street, the officers have stickered a large number of cars parked on the roadside illegally displaying for sale signs. Most of the cars have now been removed by their owners. If the remaining vehicles are not removed, the council will impound them to be crushed.

Officers will continue to monitor hotspots in the borough to swiftly deal with problem cars in the borough. Anyone selling a car in this way risks being fined up to £2,500 and losing their vehicle.

Merton Council cabinet member for environment and leisure services Councillor David Simpson said: “We have listened to residents’ concerns about the increasing number of cars marked for sale which unscrupulous people are parking on our streets. These cars are taking away residents’ legitimate parking spaces and are creating eyesores around the borough. Parking cars for sale on the public highway is illegal and, if necessary, we will punish those who insist on continuing to commit this offence.”


Note to editors

Placing cars for sale on the public highway is illegal under two pieces of legislation -the London Local Authorities Act 1990 (as amended) and the Cleaner Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005.