Merton Council teams up with McDonalds for a clean borough

Merton Council has joined up with the police and McDonalds to give Wimbledon and Mitcham town centres a clean-up.

Marking this year’s Capital Clean-up, which runs until 23 June, Merton is working with the Safer Neighbourhood Teams and McDonalds picking up litter from the borough’s streets.

The partnership with the fast food giant is just one of Merton’s many initiatives to clear the streets of debris and litter.

In addition to the clean-up, the council will also be hitting the road with its litter and recycling road shows visiting town centres and events across Merton. Its team of litter enforcement officers will continue their crackdown on people dropping rubbish on Merton’s streets, issuing £75 fines to those who litter.

Leader of Merton Council Councillor Stephen Alambritis said: “Our message to everyone is clear – ‘bin it, don’t sling it’. We spend £3.7 million per year on cleaning our streets, money we would rather reinvest in other ways to smarten up our town centres and neighbourhoods for our residents. Working closely with market leaders like McDonalds is one way we can encourage people not to drop their rubbish. We have over 700 litter bins in the borough and ask that people use them or take their rubbish home to dispose of it properly. We are up for some tough government cuts, so the more responsibility we all take for the small things like throwing litter in a bin, the more we will be able to spend our limited resources on quality services.”

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