Merton asks residents to stand up and be counted

As the 2011 Census day approaches Merton Council is asking all residents to help their community take shape by completing their Census form when it arrives through doors in the coming week.

Sunday March 27 is Census day and with a lower than average return rate, Merton is calling on its residents to stand up and be counted for this year’s national event. Along with the rest of the country, Merton residents should receive their forms in the next week and once they have them they can choose to fill in their details on the form or for the first time do it online.

The results of the once a decade survey are used to identify people’s needs and help the Government allocate millions of pounds to local authorities for things like health, community services, roads and education. If everyone filled in their Census Merton Council could have access to better funding for the local community.

The Census counts households and so one person in each household needs to fill in the form, but will be asked about each individual within that household. Each person’s details take about ten minutes to fill in. The answers should be reflective of the household on Census day, Sunday 27 March 2011 even if you fill them in on another day. All the information is confidential and will not be released for 100 years.

For those wishing to ask questions or get assistance filling in their form there will be completion events taking place across the borough including a visit to Morden and Mitcham from the purple Census bus on Thursday 31 March. Look out for more details coming soon.

Councillor Mark Allison, Merton Council cabinet member for finance said:

“If everyone in Merton fills in their Census form in the coming weeks they will be helping their community. The information from the Census will help us deliver the services residents in Merton really need for the future, especially in areas that require more support.

‘All data from the Census is confidential and available in many formats and so I would encourage residents to take part and help your community in Merton take shape.”

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Further information:

A census is a count of all people and households in the country. It provides essential information from national to neighbourhood level for government, business, and the community

From 4 March -15 May 2011, people can get help filling in their census questionnaires from online help at: or the census helpline: England 0300 0201 101; or Wales 0300 0201 130.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is responsible for carrying out the census in England and Wales

ONS is responsible for gathering and interpreting all the data from the census and turning it into helpful information, as well as using it to estimate the number of people and households in each area across England and Wales

Personal data collected through the census is confidential and the information given is protected by law

More information about the 2011 Census is available online at

National statistics are produced to the high professional standards of the Code of Practice for official statistics. They undergo regular quality assurance reviews to ensure that they meet customer needs and are produced free from any political influence.