Merton warns ‘Don’t be the one to get a fine’

Merton Council is calling on any remaining residents who haven’t yet filled in their Census form to do so as soon as possible to avoid getting a £1000 fine.

Although Merton has had a really positive response with the majority of residents filling in their form on or around Census day on 27 March, there are still few who have not done it. For these few, they could soon see a visit from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) enforcement teams if they don’t return it in the post or online in the coming few days.

ONS Census ‘non-compliance’ staff began conducting interviews under caution with householders who are refusing to fill in their census form last week and will continue to make visits until the end of May.

The results of the once a decade survey are used to identify people’s needs and help the Government allocate millions of pounds to local authorities for things like health, community services, roads and education. If everyone filled in their Census Merton Council could have access to better funding for the local community.

Keith Richmond, 2011 Census Area Manager for Merton, commented:

” We have had a great response to the 2011 Census but it is so important to try and get as accurate picture as possible to ensure the best deal for Merton.

” If you haven’t completed your form we are asking that you do it now either online or on the paper form to avoid the possibility of getting a fine.”

For more information go to or the census helpline on 0300 0201 101.