Merton Council seeks public views on school expansion plans

Merton Council is calling on parents and local residents for their views on five school expansions.

In the latest phase of its school expansion programme, the council is proposing to extend Gorringe Park Primary School, Liberty Primary School, All Saints, Singlegate and Wimbledon Park.

Public consultation meetings will take place at the respective schools as follows:

Gorringe Park Primary School: 21 November, 9am
Liberty Primary School: 23 November, 9am
All Saints: 30 November 7pm
Singlegate: 6 December 7pm
Wimbledon Park: 13 December 7pm

Permanent expansion would mean that each school could accommodate an additional 30 pupils per year.

The consultation about All Saints Primary School will include the use of the South Wimbledon Youth Centre and Community Centre main building as part of the school expansion as well as how the council proposes to provide accommodation for community groups which currently use the centres. The consultation for Singlegate and Wimbledon Park primary schools will highlight the proposed improvements to the neighbouring recreation grounds which would provide additional play facilities.

The period of consultation gives residents and parents the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns about the proposals. The council is also inviting residents and parents to take a look at the consultation papers and planning applications for the proposed additional buildings at

Merton Council cabinet member for education Councillor Peter Walker said: “The latest school expansion proposals are part of our overall vision to offer quality local education to all our young people. Education changes lives and we want to give children in Merton the best possible start in life. Both schools are very popular, with Liberty oversubscribed. The 39% increase in birth rate we have seen over the past six years is leading to unprecedented demand for school places in Merton. This is a great opportunity for parents and residents to let us know their views and concerns about the proposed expansions.”


Notes to editors

The council will be consulting about permanent expansions to its primary schools as follows:

Gorringe Park
Consultation duration: Present – 9 December
Public meeting – 21 November

Consultation duration: Present – 12 December
Public meeting – 23 November

All Saints
Consultation duration: 17 November – 21 Dec
Public meeting – 30 November

Consultation duration: 18 November – 21 December
Public meeting – 6 December

Wimbledon Park
Consultation duration: 22 November – 21 December
Public meeting – 13 December