Twenty-minute free parking

Merton Council announced today that visitors to Wimbledon Village and the surrounding area will once again be able to take advantage of 20 minutes free parking.

The council has a statutory duty to consult locally about increasing its free parking scheme in Wimbledon Village and the surrounding area from 10 to 20 minutes. The council must also consult with the London Olympic Organising Committee (LOCOG) regarding additional street works required over the coming months to facilitate the scheme being increased to 20 minutes.

However, from now until the statutory consultation is completed, the council will not enforce parking restrictions on cars parked for up to a 20 minute period in the free parking scheme area. Motorists wishing to take advantage of the free parking scheme should display their 10 minute free ticket as usual and this will be valid for a 20 minute period. As has always been the case, the extra time will be over-ruled where there are loading restrictions in place.