Cars seized in Merton Blue Badge checks

Merton Council civil enforcement officers joined forces with the Metropolitan Police to carry out checks in Wimbledon on cars displaying blue badges.

Checks last week revealed three cases where people had illegally displayed a Blue Badge, to which only disabled people are entitled. Civil enforcement officers issued Penalty Charge Notices to the drivers and police officers seized two cars, three illegally used blue badges and made one arrest.

The Blue Badge scheme provides a range of parking and other motoring concessions for people who are registered blind or have severe mobility problems. Abuse of the scheme deprives residents, visitors to the borough and businesses of parking spaces and impacts on the reputation of the Blue Badge scheme and genuine blue badge holders.

Merton Council cabinet member for performance and Implementation Councillor Mark Betteridge said: “Blue Badges should only be used by those who are eligible. People who illegally display them in their vehicle should beware, because we will not tolerate abuse of the scheme. We always try to make parking in the borough as fair as possible, and that includes making provision for those people who find it difficult to get around and who therefore need to park as closely as possible to where they need to be.”

A section on Blue Badges is includes in the council’s enforcement policy, which can be found at: