Dundonald Recreation Ground – Merton Council press statement

The council has made the following statement in relation to signage erected at the tennis courts in Dundonald Recreation Ground.

Councillor Martin Whelton, Cabinet Member for Education, said: “The children from Dundonald School have used these courts during school hours for their PE lessons for as long as anyone can remember. In the last few months a newly set up tennis club has been formed and we had hoped that they would work in partnership with the school to reach a suitable agreement on times of use. This has not yet happened, but we are hopeful that a resolution can be found that accommodates both the school and the tennis club.

“In response to representations from the school and from parents we have placed a sign on the tennis courts which makes clear the existing arrangements that the school children use the courts during lessons times. We are more than happy to sit down with all parties and to try and assist in facilitating an agreement on the times when these courts can be used. We remain optimistic that a commonsense compromise can be found.”