Government pushes Crossrail2 consultation into next year

The latest Crossrail2 consultation, originally scheduled for this month, has been postponed until at least the second quarter of 2017.

Merton Council is continuing to work closely with Crossrail2 to secure the best outcome for the borough with minimal impact from construction. In the meantime the council will go ahead with developing its own masterplan for Wimbledon town centre with residents, which will help identify the most beneficial ways of planning for how Crossrail2 would best fit in with Wimbledon town centre.

Leader of Merton Council Councillor Stephen Alambritis said: “We pride ourselves on being a business-like council that welcomes business and investment to Merton so that the borough continues to thrive. Crossrail2 offers a huge opportunity for Wimbledon and Merton.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Crossrail2 and have done a huge amount of work with them to reshape the proposals for Wimbledon. We understand, that for such a long-term infrastructure project, further detail needs be worked through as the government undertakes a review of the business case.

“There is cross-party support in Merton for Crossrail2, but not at any cost. We made our objections clear in the first consultation that the original proposals would have caused unacceptable levels of upheaval and disruption to our residents and business community. We look forward to Crossrail2’s continued engagement in 2017 and will continue to put Merton first in our work with Crossrail2 ensuring the welfare of our residents and the interests of our businesses are taken into account.”