Council peregrines prepare to take flight

Peregrine falcons are preparing to take flight from Merton Council’s civic centre.

The falcons first began nesting on the roof of the 14 storey building in 2015 returning each year to rear new young.

It’s current occupants include four chicks and people have been able to follow their progress through a live webcam set up on the roof via

Entry to the roof area is restricted during the birds’ residence between January and July and visitors to the civic centre are now being asked to remain vigilent while the birds of prey test their wings for the first time.

They can become stranded on the ground during this period and any strays should immediately reported to the London Peregrine Partnership on 07807 738699 or the Merton Wildlife Police Officer on 0208 721 2455.

The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird in the world and is able to reach speeds of up to 200mph.