No escape for litter louts in Merton

Merton Council took 15 cases of littering to court this month which resulted in 15 people being convicted at Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court in South West London. These cases were for dropping cigarette butts. All but two of the defendants had to pay out £400.

Enforcing against litter louts

Enforcement officers out in Merton

The 15 cases which went to court this month resulted from non-payment of £80 fines issued by enforcement officers working on behalf of the council to deter people from dropping their litter on the street.

Most recently Ms Kendall of Morden, Mr Lopez of South West London and Ms Whyte of Mitcham were convicted on 12 September of dropping cigarette butts and each ordered to pay out £400 to cover the fine, court costs and the victim surcharge.

Since the beginning of April this year, the council has issued 2,339 £80 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to people caught dropping litter on the streets of Merton. In that time, 28 of those issued an FPN, but who did not pay it on time, have had to pay out £400 following Merton Council taking their cases to court.

Merton Council cabinet member for Street cleanliness and parking Councillor Ross Garrod said: “We take a zero tolerance approach to people who litter and fly tip in Merton. These court cases demonstrate that we will not tolerate littering in our borough. We want to keep Merton a great place for families where they can enjoy a good quality of life and will continue to come down hard on people who litter and fly tip in the borough.”

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Notes to editors

Every year the council spends over £5 million clearing up after people who drop their rubbish on Merton’s streets.