New COVID-19 Outbreak Control Plan published by Merton Council

Merton Council has a Local Outbreak Control Plan that sets out how we will manage future outbreaks of COVID-19 in Merton. 

The new plan sets out how the council will work with its partners including Public Health England, the NHS, the voluntary sector, businesses and with community leaders to keep all people in Merton safe, and support those who are vulnerable and require our help for protection. 

It will focus on how we can prevent the spread of the virus and local outbreaks, for example in care homes, schools, work places and other settings where people are close together, while coming out of lock down and restarting economic activity. It also prepares for a potential second wave of COVID-19.  

We know that every incident will be different and that we will have to assess outbreaks on a case-by-case basis, but having a plan allows us to respond quickly in a structured way. 

Everyone who lives, works or visits the borough has a critical role to play in following the necessary measures to reduce the risk of virus transmission, including isolating when symptoms develop and getting tested, or isolating if identified as a contact of a case. 

 If you have COVID symptoms, get tested now – nhs/coronavirus or call 119.

 You can view the current Merton Local Outbreak Control Plan on our website.