Additional Covid-19 testing to run from today in two areas of Merton

Merton Council is setting-up additional testing facilities in two parts of the borough after a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases linked to the delta variant.

Additional asymptomatic PCR testing has been set up from today (Monday) in Figges Marsh and Wyvern Industrial Estate areas. Testing will be targeted, so residents do not need to book this service – those required to test in the specific areas will be contacted directly by the council.

Testing is expected to last for two to three days, with Mobile Testing Units being put in place as well as pick-up/drop-off services for test kits for the households of those asked to test.

Council Leader Mark Allison said: “A rise in cases was inevitable as we all ease out of lockdown, and we’re seeing that across London – but this has been a sharp rise, with positive Covid-19 tests doubling over the past two weeks.

“We’re beginning to see outbreaks and confirmed cases of the delta variant, and we all need to work together to stop the spread fast.

“We need everyone to help out by coming forward for testing if they are asked to in these two areas – and beyond that, we would remind everyone in the borough that it is essential to get a rapid lateral flow test twice a week, so we can catch any spread quickly.

“We are also keen to remind people in these areas that if you do test positive, help is on hand from the council, and we can support you to apply for  isolation payments to help cover any loss of income.”