Shades, shorts, Covid-19 jab – the summer starts here!

Have you started making plans for the summer holidays yet?

Foreign travel might be off the agenda for a lot of us this year but we all want to get the most out of that precious time in the sunshine with friends and family.

In order to meet up with people safely though, we need to get maximum protection from Covid-19. And that means getting fully vaccinated as soon as we are eligible.

So far, over 76% of people in South West London have had their first vaccination.. That’s a massive 1,500,000 jabs in arms since the programme started. But it still means nearly a quarter of the population haven’t had their first jab.

So, this week, to help us all get ready for summer, we’ve opened up even more pop up and walk-in vaccination clinics than ever before in Merton and across South West London. Walk-ins mean you can come straight in off the street and get jabbed. Check out our list here to find the nearest centre to you.

There’s no booking an appointment, no travelling to a mass vaccination site, and all at a handy centre near you. Hopefully the whole process should take only 30 minutes and then you’re good to go!

Nurse Consultant Fiona White, who has overseen thousands of vaccinations at pop up sites across Merton said: “Now that 18+ year-olds are able to get their first jabs, even more of us have this fantastic opportunity to protect ourselves and our families and friends.”

““Young people especially want to be able to enjoy the summer to the maximum but the only way they can do that safely is through being fully vaccinated. We’ve made the whole process as easy and reassuring as we can for young people – it’s confidential and relaxed and there’s lots of opportunities to ask questions.”

Because we are listening closely to the community, we regularly  open up new sites in Merton  and South West London.  Some pop-ups and walk-dins are open from early in the morning till quite late in the evening so you can get jabbed before or after work.

Lead Merton GP, Dr Vasa Gnanapragasam said: “Getting fully vaccinated is the single most important step we can take to protect ourselves, our families and our communities against Covid-19, including the Delta variant first identified in India.

“The first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine offers a high level of protection, but to get maximum and longer-lasting protection, that second jab is vital, so I would urge everyone who is eligible to get it as soon as possible.”

Fiona added: “Pop up and walk in clinics give greater local access to patients getting the vaccine. It means less travel and people trust local venues that they feel comfortable in visiting.”

So, if you want to enjoy summer to the max – don’t delay, get vaxxed today!

  • Don’t forget, if you still prefer to book an appointment to avoid  queueing go to the NHS booking site here.