Getting an asymptomatic COVID-19 test in Merton has never been easier  

We visited the Nelson Health Centre last week to check out our new asymptomatic pop-up testing unit that will be moving to different sites across the borough to allow residents with no symptoms of COVID-19 to access rapid lateral flow tests. Watch this video from our visit, we hear from Merton GP Dr Laura Jarvie and residents collecting their test kits.  

Rapid lateral flow tests are 80-90% effective at identifying COVID-19 in people without any symptoms.  Taking a rapid lateral flow test before a period of higher risk will allow people with a positive result to take actions to stop the spread of the virus 

Residents without COVID-19 symptoms can have assistance to take a test from our asymptomatic testing sites, including 18 Community Pharmacies  across Merton, Centre Court Shopping Centre and the Wilson Hospital.  

If you are confident to take the test yourself, then you can collect up to two boxes of seven rapid tests to use twice a week at home from Merton libraries or participating pharmacies in the borough. However, if you are picking up from a pharmacy, you now need to get a collect code. Before you go to the pharmacy, simply use this service to get a collect code and then show the code when you collect your tests.