Peel House car park is back in use

Today, we have reopened Peel House car park in Morden.

After a thorough inspection, our maintenance contractor, FM Conway, has provided us with a detailed report on the condition of Peel House car park. This includes the results of site investigation and survey works, and an assessment of the upper floor’s load-carrying capacity.

Having now reviewed this information, we are entirely satisfied that the lower deck is safe to use, but it’s also clear that the upper deck requires further work. Therefore, we have partially reopened the car park, with the lower deck coming back into use, whilst the upper deck remains blocked off.

The upper deck is set to remain closed for at least another few months. In order to be brought back into use, it requires a significant amount of remedial work, and we are exploring our options around this in the context of the parking provision required in Morden Town Centre and the long-term future of the building. Our top priority throughout this entire process has been public safety, and this will continue to be true whilst we make decisions over the upper deck.

Throughout this entire process, our top priority has been public safety. However, we are fully aware of the importance of this car park to local residents, commuters and visitors, and we’re doing everything we can to make it operational as soon as possible.

Councillor Stephen Alambritis, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “I’m delighted to be able to put Peel House Car Park back into action. We’ve always been fully aware of the importance of this car park to local residents, commuters and visitors, so it’s been a priority to make the facility safe again as soon as we could.

“Of course, the lower deck is just half of the story. Our officers will be exploring all options for the upper deck, taking into account the demand for parking in Morden, the future use of the building and the costs associated with the necessary repairs. One thing we will never compromise on is the safety of the public. You can be assured that the lower deck is entirely safe to use, and the upper deck will only be brought back into use once it meets the same strict requirements.”