Merton Council is to enter a float in the annual New Year’s Day Parade – for just the third time.

The huge parade, which runs from the House of Commons to Green Park at noon on New Year’s Day, is a huge event. Over 3,000 people and 100 plus floats pass in front of 1.5 million people and it is watched world-wide by an audience in excess of 100 million.

Up to 25 of the 32 London Boroughs take part each year, aiming for the 10,000 prize that goes to the Mayor’s Charities of the winning borough.

Merton Mayor, Councillor Ian Munn, wants to see Merton in the parade again. Merton’s first appearance was in 1988 and the Borough did not re-appear until 1999 when the Merton float was supported by local theatres.

This year, the Merton float for the Parade on New Year’s Day is being designed as an Ark and on board will be two members of as many of Merton’s communities as possible.

Each participant will be asked to wear their national costume. Other members from the various communities will join the Parade by walking with the float, again dressed in their national dress.

On the sides of the float will be messages from many of the tourist attractions in the Borough.

Councillor Ian Munn said he was delighted with the theme of the float and the positive message it will present for Merton in the centre of London and on the international stage.

Councillor Ian Munn said what was now needed was the support of all the communities of Merton. He said: ‘We have already spoken to members of the Ethnic Minority Centre who are fully behind the project. We now want to get every community in the Borough involved.

‘Mays Transport has provided a truck and trailer and we have space to build the float.’

Anyone who wants to find out more or who wants to join in what will be a fun day should contact Gene Saunders on (020) 8545 3366