The largest employer in Merton, The London Borough of Merton, has introduced a facility to obtain vacancies online.

The Council fills 500 job vacancies per year and publicises all job vacancies in local newspapers so that local people have access to its vacancies. Increasingly, more and more local residents have access to the Internet either at home or from local libraries and the Council has recently launched its website at http://www.merton.gov.uk, which now holds all Council vacancies. Applicants will very shortly be able to apply on-line making it even easier to apply for jobs in the Council.

The website facility currently features jobs by email where applicants will be able to request an application form by e-mail, send job details to a friend where you can e-mail the details of a vacancy to a friend or relative. There will be the facility to apply on line early in 2001.

Roger Paine, Chief Executive said: “The site is a great success, with 10,000 hits per week, and we are pleased to be able to offer another way in which local people can apply for vacancies in the Council. We are constantly updating the site, and are committed to introducing further facilities in the future.”