Merton Council seeks out potential stadium sites in and around London for WFC

Merton Council is contacting 30 Councils in and around London in a bid to find an alternative potential home to Milton Keynes for Wimbledon Football Club.

Merton Council Leader Councillor Andrew Judge has written to a number of councils in south London and in the southern corridor from Merton to find a site for the club.

Councillor Judge said as far as he was aware such a search had never been undertaken by the club. “If they do not want to do it we are quite happy to do so on their behalf.”

Councillor Judge said his letter asked two simple questions:

Would you be interested in having a First Division team, which has aspirations to return to the Premier League, within your boundaries?

If so, would you be interested in having a discussion with Merton’s Director of Environment about any possible sites you may have within your area?

“It is vital that these questions are asked before League even considers the Wimbledon application and I have already asked the League to postpone their discussion on Thursday until we have the responses.”