Red Route Management transfers from Council to Transport for London

The responsibility for managing and maintaining the red routes in London has transferred from local Councils to Transport For London’s Street Management Team from April 2002.

Since the creation of Transport for London (TfL) – which is part of the Greater London Authority – in July 2000 – Merton has managed the red routes in the borough on behalf of TfL .

Red route roads make up about 5 per cent of Merton’s road network and are the main traffic arteries of the borough. Most people know them by the red ‘no stopping’ lines painted by the side of the road.

On Monday 1st April Transport for London took over the management of the red routes – and assigned five contractors to handle the day to day management including highway repairs, improvements and regulation of public utilities. The contractor for south London – including Merton – is Parkman. Merton will retain responsibility for street cleansing and refuse collection.

Local residents wishing to report problems or make comments on the standard of highway maintenance or traffic management on red routes should contract Transport for London Street Management at Windsor House, 42-50 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0TL or phone 020 7941 4500.

Alison Broom, Head of Street Management said ‘Merton Council remains responsible for 95% of the road network in the borough and looks forward to working with Parkman to make sure that the public receive the standard of service that Transport for London have promised for the 5% of the network that makes up the Mayor’s roads’.